Report 2020

We share with you the results of our programs and projects executed during this year.

50 years working for equal opportunities in Peru

In 1970 we started operations as CARE in Peru, providing humanitarian aid to people affected by the earthquake in Ancash. From that moment until today, we have a faithful commitment to Peru to contribute to the achievement of lasting and significant changes in the lives of the most vulnerable people, placing women and girls at the center of our efforts.

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Response to COVID-19

From CARE Peru we have developed various projects to assist vulnerable people affected by the health emergency due to COVID-19 with the aim of providing them with access to fundamental social services so that they can recover their livelihoods.

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Nuestros líderes

Consejo directivo

Zelma Acosta-Rubio Rodríguez

Marilú Martens Cortés

Inés Temple Arciniega

José Allemant Sayán

José Ostolaza Fernández

Caridad De la Puente Wiese

Luis Montoya Tillit

Gianfranco Ferrari

Alvaro Henzler Vernal

Tatiana Bertolucci

Jorge Archimbaud Caballero

Paul Neira Del Ben

María del Carmen Fedalto Bernal

Lieneke Schol Calle

Manuel del Rio Jiménez

Nuestro impacto



direct participants


indirect participants


of women reached

signed agreements

The project seeks girls from rural areas finish their studies in a timely age and with life skills.

It is a project that seeks that hundreds of people receive a plate of nutritious food a day and thus, they can maintain the strength they need to get ahead in this emergency situation.

Presencia de nuestros proyectos en el territorio nacional

Visión de CARE finales del 2020

CARE's vision at the end of 2021 and over a 3-year period

2020 was a starting point towards a new direction, in which we aim to positively impact more people nationwide. For this reason, during the following year we seek to be a convening social organization with a digital and measurement culture that implements and incubates scalable, sustainable projects aligned to the SDGs. Our goal is to impact 1 million women and get at least S / 3,000,000 from new, innovative, and efficient sources.

In three years, we hope to transform the lives of 4 million vulnerable people (girls, boys, and women) through an expert incubator that designs, pilots, models, influences and scales high-impact projects aligned to the critical SDGs, with a mandate for sustainable financial and institutional growth.

Gender approach

In the last year we have experienced unprecedented social transformations marked by uncertainty, but also by collective efforts to overcome the current economic and health crisis.

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Programmatic direction

With 50 years in Peru, in CARE we have sought to create a more inclusive country, where girls and women live with equal opportunities and with less poverty.

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Nuestros ejes programáticos

Climate change, Amazon, and water resources management

The objective of this program is to improve the resilience capacity of vulnerable and poor populations through territorial and climate governance.

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Development and economic inclusion of women, food security and nutrition

The goal is to sustainably increase economic income, especially of women who are in vulnerable situations.

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Disaster risk management and emergency response

This program is aimed at people in vulnerable situations affected by disasters, natural phenomena, and migratory crises

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Social inclusion and vulnerable populations

The objective is that populations in vulnerable situations have access to quality health and education services

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Proyectos de impacto


For CARE Peru, accountability is a right of citizens, and a duty of the organization: it is the means through which we report on compliance with the agreements and commitments we make with the population and with our partners and partners.

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Recaudación de fondos

We offer different alternatives to facilitate the donation of potential alliances, always with accessible information on the projects and social impacts that they have currently generated.

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Comunidades digitales






Thanks to all the companies and institutions that joined our effort to continue working for equal opportunities in our country.

Nuestro equipo

Marilú Martens

National Director

Claudia Sanchez

Director of Programs

Mónica Arenas

Financial Director

Ulises Navarro

Director of Sustainability and Development

Mercedes Medina

Manager of the Climate Change, Amazon, and Water Resources Management Program

Lucy Harman

Manager of the Disaster Risk Management and Emergency Response Program

Cinthya Tello

Manager of the Social Inclusion and Vulnerable Populations Program

Julio Nishikawa

Manager of the Program for the Development and Economic Inclusion of Women, Food Security and Nutrition

Haydee Echarry

Head of Program Quality

Irene Arellano

Head of Strategic Alliances of Programs

Eric Mc Farlene

Head of Marketing and Resource Generation

Renzo Sosa

Head of human resources

Luis Chang

Jefe de Administración

Miguel Manrique

Head of IT

Betzabeth Nuñez

General Accountant

Susana Osorio

Gender specialist

Marcia Barbis

Project manager

Jack Burga

Project manager

Juan Carlos Cáceres

Project manager

David Chavarri

Project manager

Anni Delgadillo

Project manager

Ricardo Díaz

Project manager

Elena Esquiche

Project manager

Paul Lucich

Project manager

Maclovio Olivares

Project manager

Fredy Quilca

Project manager

José Luis Villaverde

Project manager